ATP 594

ATP 594 is located on the eastern flank of the Cooper Basin, approximately 140 kilometres west of Quilpie in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. The tenement covers three separate areas consisting of a total area of 1,230km2.

Interest Held
Icon Energy -100% (Operator)

Prospect Type
ATP 594 is prospective for natural gas and oil.

Update on ATP 594
Icon acquired the Harrier 3D seismic survey in the northern block of ATP 594 in February 2017. A detailed Cultural Heritage clearance survey was carried out at the end of 2016 and after line clearing operations were completed at the beginning of 2017, Terrex finally completed acquisition of the 293 square kilometres seismic survey on 23 February 2017. Subsequent processing of the seismic data was completed in Brisbane by Velseis in June 2017.

Interpretation of the seismic data was carried out in two parts. Firstly, a structural interpretation was completed to define the structural geometry of the primary target horizons from the Cretaceous to the Permian in the subsurface. Secondly, a detailed stratigraphic interpretation was carried out of the prospective Birkhead Formation, which has been targeted with great success elsewhere in the Cooper Basin. This interpretation effort, which was completed towards the end of 2017, resulted in the identification of a robust structural prospect in the western half of the northern block, which is drill ready, plus additional structural leads. In addition, a stratigraphic target was identified as a potentially large thickened interval interpreted to be a mid-Birkhead sandstone development displaying an increase in seismic amplitude and straddling a structural ridge.

The 3D seismic has, therefore, confirmed the prospectivity of the northern block in ATP 594 with the identification of two drilling targets, while there is still almost 900 square kilometres of the tenement in the central and southern blocks that remains underexplored.

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