Icon Energy Limited Annual Report 2023

28 Icon Energy Annual Report 2023 28 21 October 2022. The details of qualifications and experience are set out in the Board of Directors section of this Annual Report. MEETINGS OF DIRECTORS During the financial period, twenty-eight meetings of Directors and four committee meetings were held. Attendances at these meetings by each Director were as follows: Directors Meetings Audit and Risk Management Committee Meetings Remuneration Nominations and Succession Committee Meetings Held Attended Held Attended Held Attended R S James 28 28 2 2 - - S M Barry 28 28 2 2 2 2 K Hilless 14 12 1 - 1 1 J Marvin 3 3 - - 1 1 ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION The Consolidated Entity’s operations are subject to various environmental regulations. Further information on the Group’s environmental performance can be found in the Sustainability section of the 2023 Annual Report. The Directors regret to report that in the financial year the company obtained from Queensland Treasury a determination of the surety required to be provided in respect of ATP 855 and its Estimated Rehabilitation Cost however failed to apply to the Department of Environment and Science for its determination of the estimated rehabilitation cost prior to the expiry of the ERC on 1 April 2022. The Department of Environment and Science has after the end of the financial year issued the company with penalty infringement notices in respect of the breaches totalling $17,231.00 which have been paid. A request to surrender Icon’s Environmental Authority (EA) was not made because the court proceedings had not been determined. PROCEEDINGS ON BEHALF OF THE COMPANY No person has applied to the Court under section 237 of the Corporations Act 2001 for leave to bring proceedings on behalf of the Company, or to intervene in any proceedings to which the Company is a party for the purpose of taking responsibility on behalf of the Company for all or any part of those proceedings. Directors' Report for the year ended 30 June 2023