Icon Energy Limited Annual Report 2023

18 Icon Energy Annual Report 2023 Corporate Governance Statement continued 2023 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CHECKLIST Icon Energy’s corporate governance policies conform to the applicable Principles and Recommendations (being those under ASX’s 4th edition of Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations released on 27 February 2019 and took effect from 1 January 2020). A summary of our disclosure against the Principles and is set out below: Corporate Governance Council Recommendation Does Icon Energy follow the recommendation? Principle 1 - Lay solid foundations for management and oversight 1.1 Disclose a board charter setting out roles and responsibilities of board and management ✓ 1.2 Undertake appropriate checks before appointing or electing a person as director ✓ 1.3 Written agreement with each director and senior executive ✓ ✓ 1.4 Company Secretary accountable directly to Board ✓ 1.5 Diversity Policy disclosures reported ✓ 1.6 Board performance evaluation undertaken ✓ 1.7 Senior executive performance evaluation undertaken ✓ ✓ Principle 2 – Structure the board to be effective and add value 2.1 Nomination committee requirements met X 2.2 Board skills matrix disclosed ✓ 2.3 Director Independence and tenure disclosed ✓ 2.4 Majority of the board are independent directors ✓ 2.5 Chair of the board is an independent director and not the same person as the CEO ✓ 2.6 Director induction and ongoing training program ✓ ✓ Principle 3 – Instill a culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly 3.1 Articulate and disclose its values ✓ 3.2 Code of conduct available on website ✓ 3.3 Disclose a whistleblower policy ✓ 3.4 Disclose anti-bribery and corruption policy ✓ ✓ Principle 4 – Safeguard integrity in corporate reporting 4.1 Audit committee requirements met X 4.2 CEO and CFO Declaration was received by the Board and the financial statements comply ✓ 4.3 Periodic reports and material announcements ✓ Principle 5 – Make timely and balanced disclosure 5.1 Continuous Disclosure Policy available on website ✓ 5.2 Board receives material market announcements ✓ 5.3 Investor or analyst presentations ✓