Icon Energy Limited Annual Report 2023

14 Icon Energy Annual Report 2023 Corporate Governance Statement continued CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS The standard of behaviour required of Icon Energy’s Directors and employees, as well as of contractors engaged to perform work on behalf of the Company requires: − Them to act in the best interest of the Company and create value for the Company’s shareholders and stakeholders; − Them to act honestly and with integrity and fairness in all dealings with each other and third parties; − Compliance with all laws and regulations which govern the Group and its operations; − Avoidance or management of conflicts of interest. The Company has a process in place for Directors, employees and third parties to report potential breaches of the Code of Conduct and Ethics. The Code is periodically reviewed to check that it is operating effectively and whether any changes are required to the code. CODE OF CONDUCT Further general principles of conduct under the Company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, include: − Ethical and responsible business practices; − Sustainable development considerations and principles integrated into Company decision making; − Fostering economic growth and business development, generate Government revenue, provide commercial returns to the industry and contribute to the wealth generated by Australia’s natural resource base; − Health, safety, environmental and community risk management strategies that are based on sound science, transparency and effective communication; − Continuously seeking opportunities to improve health, safety and environmental performance in addressing risks posed by our operations to employees, contractors, the public and the environment; − Contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and protection of the environment through responsible management of our operations and their impacts; − Fostering economic and social development of the communities in which we operate; − Respecting and protecting human rights and dignity at our operations and deal fairly with employees and others; − Openly and effectively engaging and reporting with our communities; − Directors and Executives of the Company shall notify the Chairman or Managing Director before trading in the Company’s shares and shall not trade in the shares other than in accordance with the Company’s Share Trading Policy.