Icon Energy Limited Annual Report 2023

12 Icon Energy Annual Report 2023 continued Corporate Governance Statement DIVERSITY A key goal of the Board and Management is to contribute positively to the success of the Company by promoting a high performance culture that draws on the diverse and relevant experience, skills, expertise, perspectives and the unique personal attributes of its Board members and employees. As an employer, we are committed to managing diversity by reflecting our Company values of respect, integrity, honesty and personal commitment in maintaining and valuing the differences a diverse workforce brings. The Company applies its Diversity Policy to all Icon Energy Limited’s Directors and employees, including contractors and consultants acting on the Company’s behalf. The Policy covers and includes the recruitment and selection process, terms and conditions of employment including pay, promotion, work assignment, and training as well as any other aspect of employment. Key principles of the Diversity Policy include: − We treat all employees, prospective employees, partners, contractors, consultants and suppliers fairly and equally; − We promote a corporate culture that values diversity and tolerates differences; − We recruit employees and Directors impartially from a diverse field of suitably qualified candidates; − Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that the best people are chosen for the right positions; and − We provide learning and development strategies and opportunities to develop skills and experience of employees for career advancement. Details of the Policy are set out under the Corporate Governance section on the Company’s website. Company – wide assessment at 30/06/2023 Board Management Employees Born in Australia 67% – – Born Overseas 33% – 100% Male 100% – – Female – – 100% Aged 21 to 30 years – – – Aged 31 to 40 years – _ 50% Aged 41 to 50 years – – 50% Aged over 50 years 100% – – The Diversity Policy includes a commitment to promoting gender diversity each year. The 2022/23 objectives were measured as follows: