Icon Energy Limited Annual Report 2022

Icon Energy Annual Report 2022 1 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2022 Annual General Meeting Wednesday, 30 November 2022 at 11.00am The meeting will take place virtually. A formal Notice of Meeting can be found on the ASX platform or Company’s website at www.iconenergy.com Competent Persons Statement The hydrocarbon resource estimates in this report have been reviewed by Douglas Barrenger, business owner and Director of FMB Holdings Pty Ltd ATF FMB Unit Trust trading as Fluid Energy Consultants. Mr Barrenger has over 38 years of experience in petroleum geology and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Mr Barrenger agrees with the inclusion of the information in this report relating to hydrocarbon Contingent and Prospective Resources in the form and context in which it appears. The Contingent and Prospective Resource estimates contained in this report are in accordance with the standard definitions set out by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Resource Management System. ABN 61 058 454 569 Icon Energy Annual Report 2022 1