Company News
09 Dec 2009 All aboard the coasl seam gas (PDF 1815KB)
26 Nov 2009 Icon receals cheap gas from its well (PDF 421KB)
13 Nov 2009 Icon snaps up bargain new HQ (PDF 64KB)
31 Oct 2009 Icon fires up after dewatering (PDF 232KB)
27 Oct 2009 Icon Energy celebrates landing $12m from beach (PDF 576KB)
27 Oct 2009 Beach Petroleum buys into Icon (PDF 160KB)
09 Oct 2009 Icon gets lucky with SA gas find (PDF 349KB)
07 Oct 2009 Clean water points to gas bonus for Icon (PDF 73KB)
01 Oct 2009 CSG hopeful Icon runs hot (PDF 270KB)
24 Sep 2009 Murphy gives Icon energy lift in Hong Kong (PDF 249KB)
13 Sep 2009 Icon has some growing pains (PDF 205KB)
06 Sep 2009 Icon energy celebrates permit in the big time (PDF 1034KB)
01 Sep 2009 The Capital Raisers (PDF 2560KB)
16 Aug 2009 New gas finds lifts Icon again (PDF 94KB)
14 Aug 2009 Icon hopes test will show oil reserves (PDF 54KB)
13 Aug 2009 Icon to quantify gas reserves next week (PDF 61KB)
05 Aug 2009 Icon part of national first (PDF 28KB)
08 Jul 2009 Icon plans to use its jackpot on drilling (PDF 259KB)
01 Jul 2009 Coast's big guns (PDF 224KB)
21 Jun 2009 Icon Energy shares climb after surprising gas flows (PDF 591KB)
01 Jun 2009 Energized (PDF 1773KB)
29 May 2009 Icon chases funds for gas (PDF 1485KB)
16 Apr 2009 Gas well cheer for Icon (PDF 174KB)
06 Apr 2009 New Icon director powers up board (PDF 125KB)
23 Mar 2009 Icon adds Murphy to its board (PDF 146KB)
27 Feb 2009 Winners & losers of the week (PDF 1817KB)
24 Feb 2009 Icon rebels beaten (PDF 672KB)
03 Feb 2009 Heat turned up in Icon War (PDF 889KB)
02 Feb 2009 Icon goes on attack with $36m gas deal (PDF 615KB)
20 Jan 2009 Heat turned up in Icon war (PDF 889KB)
14 Jan 2009 The fight is on for Icon (PDF 242KB)