ATP 594


ATP 594 is located on the eastern flank of the Cooper Basin, approximately 140 kilometres west of Quilpie in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. The tenement covers three separate areas consisting of a total area of 1,230km2.

Interest Held
Icon Energy -100% (Operator)

Prospect Type
ATP 594 is prospective for natural gas and oil.

Update on ATP 594
Acquisition of the 293 km2 Harrier 3D Seismic Survey was completed on 23 February 2017 and processing of the data by Velseis in Brisbane was finally completed on 9 June 2017.  The data is currently in the process of being interpreted with several prospective leads identified. Further special attribute processing is currently under way to confirm drilling locations. Once this interpretation has been completed and the results are fully evaluated, discussions will be held with potential farmin partners.  

The areas immediately adjacent to ATP 594 are resource rich in oil and gas. Several wells have been drilled in the proximity of ATP 594, mainly targeting conventional oil and gas, many with hydrocarbon shows. There are several oil fields to the southeast of the tenement, including the Kenmore and Bodalla South oilfields.

The recent success on the western flank of the Cooper Basin can be attributed to a combination of an improved understanding of the geology and enhanced definition of the sub-surface structure which was achieved with the application of 3D seismic acquisition. This led to better well placement and therefore improved the chance of success. Icon is hoping to emulate that success in ATP 594.

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